The Colonel Mustard and more

Tuesday I wrote a huge long amount of text describing the weekend with Cheese on Bread and The Bloodsugars but I closed the window by accident, destroying all evidence that I had written anything.

But, regardless we had a great show at the Colonel Mustard in Washington DC – we played for about 150 people, the six of us wearing basketball clothes. Red gym shorts, tanktops, and warm up jackets. I like when the band wears matching colors.

On the way back, Matt and I were in the car with a voice-less Dan. Matt and I practiced our Jeff Lewis acapella covers: IF you SHOOT the HEAD you KILL the GHOUL shoot the head kill the ghoul if YOU shoot THE head YOU kill THE ghoul SHOOT THE HEAD KILL THE GHOUL. One day, we’ll do a whole album.

Our Philly show was pretty exciting: since Dan couldn’t sing the rest of the band took singing duties. It was pretty sloppy and rawkus. I sang "Samurai" and "Biological Romance". I was amazing. I also played electric guitar, which is something Kevin has been pushing for – I’m not sure how it sounded.

Either way, I think I need an amplifier. I hurt my wrist Saturday night. I will look into an acoustic amplifier.

The weekend was long: I didn’t fully recover until this morning. I’ve been sleeping a lot.

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