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Loose Lips

More tape recordings. This one probably from December 2009. A demo of a song that I performed with Daoud as part of our Wet Bandits/Sticky Bandits collaboration last year. It’s the first recording of done of myself playing drums, and … Continue reading

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Brooklyn, NY – 03/29/10

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Words from The Illuminatus! Trilogy

I just finished the The Illuminatus! Trilogy. I toted this tome in my bag for two months, going across the country, coming back, and breaking to read other books. Even though I’ve been very committed to the novel, I’m not … Continue reading

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Wordsmith Words

More words I like from the Wordsmith Word-a-Day Mailing List Star Chamber A court or group marked by arbitrary, oppressive, and secretive procedures. Locum A person filling in for another, especially for a doctor or clergyman. Steenth 1. Latest in … Continue reading

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A little instrumental piece I recorded in July 2009. Yet another off of my four track tapes. (See my Nirvana, Phoebe and Huggabroomstik covers.) [audio:] Download 4f by Dibson T Hoffweiler

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Years ago Phoebe asked me to write a song for her to perform at a sort of variety show that was held at Cake Shop. Phoebe often writes about historical figures, so I wrote a song that would (sort of) … Continue reading

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Suddenly, Something’s Changed (Huggabroomstik Cover)

Continuing my 2009 tape dumps (see my Nirvana and Phoebe Kreutz recordings), here’s a recording of “Suddenly Something’s Changed”, a Huggabroomstik song. I’ve played the song many times with the band, but arranging the song around my guitar part gave … Continue reading

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Leftover West-Coaster Pictuer

So I took a lot of images while on the west coast last month, and I couldn’t write stories for them all. Here’s a batch of photos, unexplained.

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Bull Run, Beer Run (Phoebe Kreutz cover)

Continuing my unloading of 4-track recordings from last year, here’s a recording of Phoebe’s “Bull Run, Beer Run”. This was more fun than the Nirvana recording because I got more bold with experimenting with other instruments. [audio:] Download Bull Run, … Continue reading

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Buckeye Arizona Morning

March 21, 2010 – Buckeye, Arizona I wake up in a smelly motel room. Time to talk awake, and take a walk. I start on the sidewalk. Then I take to the road. My destination, a big statue, stands 40 … Continue reading

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