WBAI Radio

Last night, a bunch of people headed over to Bob Fass’ radio show at
WBAI. Lach set up the show with Bob so that a bunch of people playing
the festival and Sidewalk this week could play on the show. It ran 12 –
3:30am. It was a lot of fun, it felt like a school event: hanging out
in a sterile environment with friends and acquaintances that I know
through a common place.

Everyone was really good, it was fun to listen to the show in the
lobby. Dan played “Mississippi”, Phoebe played her England song, I
played my walkway song, and Yoko played “Video Games”. Dan and Yoko
song with me on my song, and Dan sang with Yoko on hers. Bob commented
that he was impressed that we all knew each others songs.

It felt like the radio show was really important, of highly cultural
significance. I never think of Anti Folk as an underground thing, but I
feel like it came aboveground for a minute by being broadcast like
that. It’s exciting that people who never heard of any of us might have
gotten a glimpse of what’s there.

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