Friday Dashan and I headed into Philadelphia to see The Michael Nace
Family Band. Dashan and I haven’t talked much since our trips to other
countries at the start of the year, it was good to do that. They
sounded great, and it was really good to see Sara and Kevin in a
not-CheeseOnBread situation: it’s a rare thing.

Lou Barlow played after them, he was pretty good, but he played too
long. After that Dashan and I walked to Matt’s house – maybe 45 minute
walk – and slept. In the morning we had some eggs, and chili. Tami hung
out with us for a bit, and we had some coffee and listened to Matt’s
record of Hail to the Thief, which I think is not a very good album,
but it is listenable on vinyl. I find the CD very harsh. Oh! to be
snobby about recorded music.

Then Dashan and I parted ways, and I headed into New Jersey to see
my family. Everyone is doing pretty well. My sister performed in the
high school production of “Anything Goes”, which was very satisfying. I
liked the Cole Porter tunes.

Sunday was spent doing various things with family. I looked at
pictures with my Father and Grandmother again, they are really amazing.
From her parents in the early 20’s, and her as a kid. I can’t tell if
everything looks amazing because the photographs, nostalgia for a time
I’ll never know, or things actually were more amazing then.

Back in New York Sunday night. My head is spinning from being in so many places in so few days.

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