New Releases with Yoko OK

My old friend Yoko OK and I have been recording together, at a distance, during the pandemic. Today we’re releasing an EP of four of our recordings – House of Hidden Life. I’m also posting a record we released last year too!

And last year’s People Pleasing

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New release: Born to Lose (and others)

I’m spending some time in beautiful Joshua Tree. Hiking, recording, and catching up on little things like writing about my latest releases.

I just put on bandcamp a recording I finished three years ago. It has a bunch of songs (with vocals) that I wrote in the summer of 2015. You can listen to Born to Lose on bandcamp.

Prior to that, I had two recordings come out in 2016: Oakland to Sebastopol on Full Spectrum Records. Cassettes are sold out, but you can again find it on bandcamp: Oakland to Sebastopol on Bandcamp.

That same year, a collaboration with with Sarah Stanley, Protean Things (bandcamp again) was released. It’s a mix of songs and flute and guitar improvisations.

Thanks for listening.

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“Oakland to Sebastopol”: New Cassette and Download

Hi all! Just announcing that my newest recording, Oakland to Sebastopol has been released on Full Spectrum Records! Buy a cassette or download it at the Full Spectrum Bandcamp.

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Pre-order new CD, “When I Went West”

Hi all! I’m super proud to announce that my new record When I Went West will be out May 8, 2015 on Scissor Tail Editions. Please pre-order When I Went West from Scissor Tail! You can preview some tracks right here:

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News 2014 Nov – new mailing list, scissor tail editions

Thanks to everyone who came out to any of my performances on the October tour. I had a great time with Liv Carrow and Art Sorority for Girls, and I’m hoping to perform out east soon as I can make it happen.

To find out about future shows and my new record which will be release on Scissor Tail Editions, sign up for my mailing list:


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2014 East Coast Tour, New Record

News 2014 Oct

I’m excited to be announcing the release of a new record and a tour coming up.

New Record, When I Went West, on Scissortail Editions
Over the past year I’ve been recording at Wally Sound in Oakland, CA.  Scissortail Editions will release the new record, When I Went West, this fall.

East Coast Tour
I’ll be performing material from When I Went West and 5AM AWAKE IN BED on the following dates.  I’m lucky to have two great tourmates: Liv Carrow and Daoud Tyler-Ameen of Art Sorority for Girls.  Art Sorority also has a new record, Older Boys.

With Liv Carrow
Tue Oct 7Catskill, NY – Publication Studio Hudson; 460 Main St – Moved to private home on Warren St, Hudson, NY
Wed Oct 8 – Troy, NY – House Show
Thu Oct 9 – Sheffield, MA – Down County Social Club; 864 S Undermountain Rd
Sat Oct 11 – Easthampton, MA – Healy Guitar shop; 116 Pleasant St, Suite 059

With Art Sorority for Girls
Sun Oct 12 – Brooklyn, NY – 3B; 136 Lawrence Street
Mon Oct 13 – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
Tue Oct 14 – Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Free Farm
Wed Oct 15 – DC house show
Thu Oct 16 – (TBD)
Fri Oct 17 – Durham, NC – The Layabout
Sat Oct 18 – Fredericksburg, VA – Fredericksburg All Ages

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2013 European Summer Tour

Some announcements:

  • Europe Tour in June/July
  • New Release: Winter Demos 2012-2013

2013 European Summer Tour

I’m excited to be on tour with Phoebe Kreuz this summer in Europe! All shows listed on my shows page, my Songkick page, and the facebook event. Please come out or tell a friend to:

  • June 22. Praha (CZ) – BAJKAZYL Žižkov
  • June 23. Písek (CZ) – Pí Local Club
  • June 24. Wien (AT) – rhiz
  • June 25. Zürich (CH) – Café Henrici
  • June 26. Ludwigsburg (DE) – Flint
  • June 27. Ravensburg (DE) – Mäkinen*
  • June 28. Mannheim (DE) – Der Bock
  • June 30. Mainz (DE) – Dicke Lilli, Gutes Kind (afternoon show)
  • July 01. Wetzlar (DE) – Garden show*
  • July 02. Frankfurt (DE) – Basis e.V. (Piwi/Bianca Stich art opening)
  • July 03. Nürnberg (DE) – Hemdendienst
  • July 04. Dresden (DE) – Nikkifaktur
  • July 05. Leipzig (DE) – Frauenkultur (w/ The Burning Hell)
  • July 06. Berlin (DE) – Down By The River Festival
  • July 08. Castrop-Rauxel (DE) – Garden show*
  • July 09. Ibbenbüren (DE) – Café Jam
  • July 10. Oldenburg (DE) – Alhambra
  • July 11. Hannover (DE) – Galeria Lunar
  • July 12. Bremen (DE) – Kurzschluss
  • July 13. Hamburg (DE) – Woody Bash IV @Hasenschaukel (+ many more)

*contact for more info

New Release: Winter Demos 2012-2013

I’ve been writing a lot of new music since releasing 5AM AWAKE IN BED, and compiled a small collection of the new material onto a new CD. I’ll have a limited quantity of them for summer tour, but you can check it out and purchase the collection on bandcamp. The recordings include some ventures into 12-string, electric guitar and lap slide playing. I hope you enjoy them:

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5 AM AWAKE IN BED album cover

album cover

I just finished up my newest record, 5 AM AWAKE IN BED. It’s my first record of solo guitar recordings. All pieces are performed on 6-string acoustic guitars.

All pieces composed by myself, Dibson T Hoffweiler, except “Sunny Side of the Ocean” and “Red Pony” by John Fahey. Recorded by Jake Feltham. Mixed by Jake and Dibson. Mastered by Major Matt Mason USA at Olive Juice Music.

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Botched Roll

I took a roll of film to Walgreens. It didn’t come out well. Only four images, and they cut one down the middle. Also, the film was expired – I don’t know if that caused the whole center of the film to not expose well. But here are the two I liked:

A wooden Japanese mask of “a jealous woman.” On Halloween, Erin wore this with a kimono. She spooked all the neighborhood kids.

I either turned the wheel in a strange way here, or they cut the negatives badly.

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Palo Alto

I’m into health and safety, but here’s evidence that I’ll play with a camera while driving. Unwise.

I’ve worked in Palo Alto for two weeks. I’m familiarizing myself with one neighborhood. It oozes plainness and strangeness.

My co-engineer at a soon-to-be-renamed startup is Jon. We’ve worked together at two jobs in the past. Working with him again feels triumphant. When our last job ended, I told myself I would take the opportunity to work with Jon if it ever came along. Opportunity knocks.

In Palo Alto I played with double exposures. This portrait of Jon provides me with a good lesson: the light of one exposure can wash out the other. Obvious in retrospect, the lesson is learned.

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