Some reviews:

The Albums

Born to Lose

Self-released collection of songs and instrumental pieces written and recorded in Spring/Summer 2015. I didn’t get around to getting CDs made until 2017, and it only went up on bandcamp in 2018. What can I say, I’ve been busy the past few years.

Oakland to Sebastopol

Cassette released April Fools Day, 2016 on Full Spectrum Records‘s Littlefield Editions. One side recorded in Sebastopol, the other in Oakland, CA, both in places where I’ve lived.

When I Went West

Released May 2015 on Scissor Tail Editions. Eight solo guitar pieces written and performed by Dibson T Hoffweiler, beautifully recorded at the Wally Sound in Oakland, CA.

DTH Says:

After living on the east coast for 27 years I moved to Oakland, California. I had been songwriting for years, but with the move I focused on guitar as a solo instrument. I find the power of words undeniable, but without them I found myself more willing to explore my experiences of sorrow, contentment, joy, love and curiosity.

For me, these pieces are deeply rooted in experiences of relocating: making new friends and saying goodbye to them; reconnecting with old friends and losing them; recognizing the longstanding power of a familial connection; being in the presence of the natural beauty of my new home.


Nine solo guitar compositions.

All pieces written and performed by Dibson T Hoffweiler, except “Red Pony” and “Sunny Side of the Ocean” composed by John Fahey. Recorded by Jake Feltham in Oakland and Berkeley California 2011-2012, except “The Lead Ball…” recorded by Dibson. Mastered by Major Matt Mason USA at Olive Juice Music.


Recorded by Major Matt Mason USA at Olive Juice Studios, NYC, 2010. Album art by Bernard King. Photo by Casey Holford.

Dibs Bleeds Books

Recorded by Dibs in July 2006 between tours with Huggabroomstik and Griffin & the True Believers.

Drums recorded by Major Matt Mason. Guests include April Heliotis, Deenah Vollmer, Sara Bee, Dashan Coram, and Misha Volf. Album art by Bernard King.

Slivers and Bits

Mostly recorded March 2005 with Dashan at Luv-A-Lut Studios. Some tracks done at home. Mixed by Misha Volf. With guests Dashan Coram, Yoko Kikuchi, Dan Fishback, Daoud Tyler-Ameen, Babs Soft, Chris Maher, Misha Volf.

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More Unsent Letters

Recorded in 2004 with Dashan Coram at Luv-A-Lot Studios. We kept it simple – just guitar and vocals.