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Distraction, Extinction

A few weeks ago, Elen told me that one of the reasons why humans are so easily distracted is because we’ve been trained over generations to feel rewarded when we notice changes around us. This sense of reward makes us … Continue reading

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James Yorke on Disorder

“The first message is that there is disorder. Physicists and mathematicians want to discover regularities. People say, what use is disorder. But people have to know about disorder if they are going to deal with it. The automechanic who doesn’t … Continue reading

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I Want to Be Your Friend

Thinking of videos I’ve been involved with after seeing that last Huggabroomstik video. This is my friend Andrew’s video for a song which I got to play guitar on. I’m playing a show with Andrew Friday at the Everything Goes … Continue reading

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O.U.R.6. Instructional Video

The outro to a song which Huggabroomstik will be recording for the live record, “Intimate Huggabroomstik”.

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New York, NY – 09/03/09

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