Flu Wrapup

Monday evening a week ago I was at Huggabroomstik rehearsal, and about half way through everyone sat down to take a break. When I stood up I started to feel really cold, and feel really exhausted. But at the end of practice I realized I was really sick.

I ended up staying in bed for the majority of the time between then and Saturday morning. It was supposed to be my last week of work, but I missed it all. But I was miraculously doing better Saturday. But I went to Old Hat practice and performed with Cheese on Bread. The show went so well, and it made me so happy, that I just started feeling so much better afterwards. One of the best shows we’ve had in a while, I think.

And then Sunday evening I was back at Sidewalk for a solo show. I was the closing act of the festival. I felt like I was not doing a very good job, but Bernard gave me a tape of the show, and it’s pretty good despite the fact that I didn’t practice since I was sick all week. It was fun.

Monday was my last day at work. Very anti climactic. I was so excited to have a last day at work, and then it came three days later, after not having been there for over a week. Oh well. I finished some tasks up for them and it was nice to leave on good terms.

Today and yesterday, Matt Keesan and I have been working together on our web application which we’ve been developing for a music studio. It’s mostly together, and I’m proud of it. It is fun to work on a computer project alongside a friend. Today we took over Dan and Betsy’s apartment as an office. Yesterday we spent a good day in more southern Brooklyn, stopping by various Cafe’s for internet.

We did a fair amount of walking yesterday, it reminded me a bit of our day in Toledo, Ohio over the summer. Matt and I were up earlyish for some reason, and we walked through town to get to the public library. The early morning walk with Matt is a good thing. In Toledo we got to the library and checked email and whatnot. I sat next to a guy who was "having" cybersex in yahoo messenger. He was rubbing his crotch. I was only slightly uncomfortable with that.

That is what I have been doing the past week. A little over a month from now I’m going to fly to Berlin to play shows in Germany with Huggabroomstik. I’m very excited. I bought my tickets.

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