2006 Year In Review

Everyone started their 2005 reviews early – most were published in 2005! There was more to go. I was going to wait till 2006, but now that it is, I feel like I missed the deadline. So I present to you, my best of for 2006.

Best Coffee Shop: Fix Cafe. Betsy and I rode bikes there way back on January 1st, 2006. It was 9 o’clock and they were closed. The employees were trying to lock up, but the gate chain was broken. They wished us a happy new year, ensuring they’re place as Best Coffee Shop of 2006.

Best Fortune Teller: Phoebe Kreutz. I witnessed her reading tarot cards for myself and Casey Holford, and the predictions for our years are fascinating. I need to learn to love myself, and it won’t be easy.

Best Bread Eating: Casey Holford. When hungry at our recording session yesterday, he requested some bread, and said he would "just eat it." No jam, butter, toasting, or time wasting. He "just ate it" with as of yet unmatched efficiency.

Best Figs: I ate some dried figs.

2006 was a great year. Let’s hope that 2007 is just as good.

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