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Piedmont Cinema

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Trivia Night

Trivia night frustrates me because I don’t care to know the answers to most of the questions. But I love spending time with my roommates drinking and chatting. When tonight is trivia night at Cato’s Alehouse, the two come hand … Continue reading

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New Waves

Inspired by Casey’s Framed Fractions, I purchased a Holga 135 from the FourCornerStore. In past photo experiments I used SLR and digital cameras. They easily answered my biggest questions: Where is the edge of the frame? What object is in … Continue reading

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December 2011 East Coast Travels

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The Lead Ball in the Zero Gravity Chamber

A pair of improvisations recorded at home on November 17, 2011. The Lead Ball [audio:other/lead-ball-zero-gravity-chamber/1 – The Lead Ball.mp3] Download The Lead Ball The Zero Gravity Chamber [audio:other/lead-ball-zero-gravity-chamber/2 – The Zero Gravity Chamber.mp3] Download The Zero Gravity Chamber

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Time in Either Direction

Since moving to Oakland, I’ve focused most of my creative energy on the guitar. Below you can listen to my latest composition and recording, “Time in Either Direction”, recorded on August 13, 2010. Jake Feltham recorded and mixed the piece. … Continue reading

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Kung Fu Crimewave’s Capitol Punishment

I recorded the Kung Fu Crimewave album Capitol Punishment in autumn/winter 2009. Neil just posted a great music video for “Kill for the Side”. While I’m at it, I’m also sharing Preston’s video for “What do I do?”.

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Rails’s DB-Insensitive Case Insensitivity

I’ve been working with Rails for the past few weeks. But seriously, folks, it’s been great. Anyway, what are we all here for? To hear about my first big trouble with Rails. We had a simple request at work to … Continue reading

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