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Something in the Way (Nirvana Cover)

A few years ago I was invited to perform the songs “Something in the Way” and “Endless, Nameless” at a Nirvana cover night. It was a challenge to feel satisfied with playing the songs because I wasn’t familiar with Nirvana’s … Continue reading

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New York, NY – 03/09/10

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Space Rainbows: Shamona

When I was in Berlin last May I got to be in a band called Space Rainbows. After returning to the states, Space Rainbows Berlin continued to work. Here’s a video of them performing the song “Shamona”.

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Nintendo and Chamber Music

I played tons of video games as a kid; one of my favorite themes was from the Nintendo game “Metroid”. Here’s the theme if you don’t know it. It gets good at 30 seconds if you want to skip. 8-bit … Continue reading

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Brooklyn, NY – 03/07/10

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Words from Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Weeks ago: friend Jon and I walk up 2nd Avenue, and I tell him of a fantasy I have of moving to the woods. Walden comes up, and I say I had difficulty reading it. He recommends Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim … Continue reading

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The Ecstasy of Uselessness

A Jean Baudrillard quotation, from Fragments: Cool Memories III If everything can seem indifferent when you have encountered the most beatiful of things, why don’t we regard the opposite situation as equally fateful: having read the worst book, having seen … Continue reading

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