Loose Lips

More tape recordings. This one probably from December 2009. A demo of a song that I performed with Daoud as part of our Wet Bandits/Sticky Bandits collaboration last year. It’s the first recording of done of myself playing drums, and the part largely mimics what Daoud did (thanks Daoud!).

Since recording the song, I’ve changed some of the music. I don’t often do that, so I’m looking forward to doing an updated recording.


Download “Loose Lips” Demo by Dibson T Hoffweiler

Loose lips, word “like” get me into trouble.
Like you like me but not like I like you.
What is that “like” supposed to mean to me now
That we are like different people always?

Like the time we bust a cap into the sky,
And we take a walk through a dilated time.
All that we are fits onto a dime,
And it spins, spins, spins,
Lands face up other side.

We take a walk to overlook the sea.
The polished lamps all glow effortlessly,
but theirs: it is a mundane beauty.
It’s available to you and me
and everybody.

I can read your words and you can read my mind.
My face like your shirt (red).
Don’t stick your love in places you know it’s not
When you can observe
to find it where it is.

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