Guitar Center Pastafarian

I went to Guitar Center after a rehearsal last night. My guitar has an icon of JR “Bob” Dobbs stickered to it.

The grinning visage of JR "Bob" Dobbs

The guy who checked my guitar said to me, “So are you in the church of ‘Bob’?”

It was the first time anyone commented on it, so I was caught off guard. “I’m a reverend in the Church of the Subgenius.”

“I’m more of a pastafarian myself.” Pastafarian’s believe the Flying Spaghetti Monster is our creator.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster hovers over the trees mountain and migit

I sort of felt like he was challenging “Bob”. But I don’t really think this makes sense. These higher powers aren’t fighting each other. They’re likely all working together. I doubt “Bob”, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Eris, or W Alan Yankovic would waste any of their time fighting among themselves. I tell him this, but without all the names and hyperlinks.

He responds: “I guess we shouldn’t talk about religion at this point.” I’m not sure why he said this.

“I don’t know. I’d like to but I might be too distracting while you’re on the job.” I rarely get to talk to other weirdos who know about these fringe religion-cults, but he didn’t seem as enthusiastic to talk as I was.

So I moved on to look at some guitars that I wouldn’t buy. This one is dedicated to you, Guitar Center Pastafarian.

What Would Flying Spaghetti Monster Do?

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  1. David Scott says:

    Let Bob into your life and feel the power of the almighty Subgenius!

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