Bushwick Bookclub in ASCAP Podcast

About two weeks ago a bunch of the bookclubbers descended upon the ASCAP offices and recorded a podcast. We each played a song, and there’s a little interview happening.

You can check out the ASCAP Podcasts but it’ll probably fall off when the new podcast comes up. So you can:

Download the podcast

Discover what the Village Voice called the “Best Literary-Musical” Crossover of 2009 – songwriters inspired by books. Download and listen to a special podcast featuring an ASCAP in-house recording session with members of the Bushwick Book Club, including Susan Hwang (pictured left), Dibson Hoffweiler, Corn Mo, Laura Brenneman (pictured right), Phoebe Kreutz and Duck and Swallow’s Lillie Jayne, and also listen to selected tracks from the upcoming Bushwick Book Club CD release.

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