Cheese On Bread Japan & other past projects

For months, Cheese On Bread has been hearing that Japanese label Moorworks would be releasing our last record, The Search for Colonel Mustard. Matt just sent an email saying that it’s going to be released December 26! And it’s true, it’s on their site too! Check out this image:

Cheese On Bread Moorworks Flier

I really like seeing this stuff from the past crop up. It was funny to see Matt’s email about this last night, because last night I was at Casey’s apartment with Dan listening to the record Dan has been slowly working on for the past few years. The recordings sound really great, and I’ll be playing guitar on a handful of the tracks.

It was a bit surreal to be listening to the tracks – some of them are about 4 years old. Four years that have seen a lot of change within and around me. But the recordings haven’t changed. It feels like I have the chance to go back in time and record parts for my 23 year-old self. I’m really excited to show my younger self what I’ve been up to, and my future older self what I was up to.

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2 Responses to Cheese On Bread Japan & other past projects

  1. Jason says:

    You mean you’re not still 23!!!?

  2. Dibson says:

    I know, right? When am I going to be able to grow a beard?

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