Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-08

  • Had a great end-of-show tour at Schokoladen last night with Phoebe. I <3 Berlin. Having a chillout before going to kreuzberg for mayday #
  • ♫ gave me a new love for pop music ♫ #
  • @Brookpridemore The realization that what you are wearing is smellier than what you’ve already declared ‘dirty’ is always a shock. #
  • Play him off, keboard cat! #
  • Working on in Heiko’s kitchen. It’s pretty alright. #
  • @andyprice If twitter allows newlines, twyt should too. I don’t know why one would use newlines, but might as well let them if they want to #
  • @andyprice does twyt strip nl when displaying? Maybe just do that – when I think of an option to strip nl in tweets, I think YAGNI #

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