Classic Futon, Circa 2003 in Ridgewood, near Bushwick – $25

I moved to Brooklyn with a friend in the summer of 2003. It was quite an exciting time. My first apartment! Blackouts! There was only one problem: we had no place to put guests when they arrived.

Fortunately, down the street there was a furniture store. Unfortunately, the stuff was all pretty cheap. Fortunately, we were pretty cheap guys. For $100 dollars, a brutish man, an incredibly miniature “the hulk”, carried a futon mattress 4 blocks to our apartment and up to the second floor. He then carried up a metal frame.

Seating sorrows solved, we had many guests sit their asses on the futon, and many guests spent many nights on it. On more than one occassion I myself have slept on it, and it was quite delightful. Surprisingly comfortable, actually. I don’t know if I’d use it as a bed, but it’s a great spot for guests and the occassional daytime nap.

Fast forward to 2006! I move to Ridgewood. My roommate’s girlfriend doesn’t like the futon, so they let me keep it. Score! One less thing to buy for the apartment. Many more guests sleep on it, it’s proved super reliable.

Fast forward to today! I’m packing up the Ridgewood apartment, and preparing to put a lot of my stuff in storage. I love this futon; it has been worth more than the $100 it cost. I’ll be travelling for about two months, and I don’t think it makes sense to keep the futon somewhere for that long. I’ve had the thing for about 6 years. It’s time to move on, but I can’t bear the idea of kicking it to the curb. It’s in good condition, and it’s comfortable.

I’m leaving my apartment at the end of the month. Can you give this futon a good home? If you’d come pick it up and give me some money for it, I’d be tickled pink. I think it’s more important that someone gets more use out of it. A pick of next Monday or Tuesday (Mar 30, 31) would be amazing for me.

See the crummy camera phone photos. In one it’s bare, in the other it’s dressed up in a comforter (COMFORTER NOT FOR SALE!!!). It’d make mom proud to have a nice cover on it! The thing also unfolds so that two could sleep comfortably on it, but I was too lazy to do that for a photo.

Naked Futon

Naked Futon

Dressed Up Futon

Dressed Up Futon

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