French Goodbye

Oh, the French! I don’t know who made up the phrase the “french good-bye.” I first learned of it from Sibsi, who ran into Sidewalk and said, “I really have to go, but I didn’t want to do the French Goodbye.” We exchanged goodbyes, and he promptly left.

I don’t approve of not saying goodbye, but I think it’s an important option – especially when involved with a community whose events can go on for over four hours, several evenings a week. If it’s already difficult to find time alone, being polite with goodbyes can cost you more of that alone time.

I suppose one should not be offended, and not worry about offending with such a non-goodbye. Which means people are bound to be upset no matter what: “Ugh, I can’t leave.” “Why won’t she leave? We need to go.” “Wait, he left already?”

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