I had some train experiences.

When getting off the M train, I noticed an older man that I have
seen many times before, in a different context (university I think).
Gray hair, black glasses, still hip. We met eyes, recognizing each
other. Then we both recognized we didn’t know how we know each other.
So I nodded and smiled at him. He did nothing.

NJ Transit had major delays today. I was largely unaffected, but
some people were delayed two hours. When I got to Newark to change to
the New York bound train, there was a lot of bustle around the train –
the conductor had closed most doors. And lots of people from my train
were struggling to get on. I made it on.

The conductor is telling people not to get on, because they are
delaying the train. There was plenty of space on the train, lots of
empty seats and standing room. Then one of the conductors starts
yelling at everybody in the vestibule to get off the train. Really
loudly, it was kind of scary. She was having a really intense outburst
at people who were really tired and frustrated. She eventually stopped,
and then a conductor gets on the loud speaker and says:

“The train is going to leave shortly. To the customers who boarded the train by holding the doors open: Congratulations.
But next time you may not be able to see your family because you WILL
fall, and be crushed by a train. Next time you think of doing something
so STUPID you won’t be so lucky.

Have a nice day.”

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