Machines, and Machines

I’m preparing for my last solo performance on this continent until
June. It seems everything I do is in relation to my leaving and coming
back. I’m looking forward to it – Preston and Betsy both said they
would accompany me on some songs.

We played monday night at the Antihoot, and it was really great to
have them with me. It’s been so long since they’ve played with me. I
don’t know why I let that stop, but I’m really excited about tonight.

I’ve been working on my computer a lot, which has been both
rewarding and tormenting. I thought when I quit my job I would stop
working on my computer, but rather I’m just coming up with more
projects to do. I feel like I’m meant to work on software, it puts me
into focus more than anything else does. Which is good, but a bit
scary. Focus.

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