When I walked into my local poll, there was a table for me to go up
to and figure out where to actually vote and a police officer on the
other side of the room. I knew the police officer was going to come up
to me for some reason. I didn’t know why, but I could just tell. So I
put my back to her and started to talk to the volunteer about which
booth I should use.

Naturally, even though it was just a feeling, I get a tap on the
shoulder. The police officer! She starts staring at my jacket, which is
covered in buttons.

“You don’t have any political buttons on there, do you?”

“Uhh… I think they’re mostly bands.”

“Alright, if there are any political ones, take them off.”

Oh, irony! I guess MTV’s “Rock the Vote” wasn’t enough – now they’re using you to get the kids out to the polls.

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