On Wednesday the 21st, I biked to work, and back home. And worked between those of course. But at home I was met by Mister Matt Katz, keyboardist of The Bloodsugars. After tour, I left a bag at his house, and he biked over to return it to me.

After resting for a minute, we biked up to Astoria, which is about 9 miles (and then came back as well). I’ve never gone that far in one day. My legs still feel the stress from it.

When I got home, I emptied my bag:

  • Needle + Thread in a plastic baggie
  • US Passport
  • Stew Leonard’s Comment Forms (x5)
  • Unopened set of DR "Sunbeam" Guitar strings, 0.12-0.54
  • Hairbrush in a brown paper bag
  • Gallatin School Business Card Holder
  • 12 "AA" Batteries
  • Empty Wallet
  • "Scandaliz Vandalistz" T Shirt
  • Ziploc bag filled with sugar
  • Rockstar kit:

    • Tin Wintergreen Altoids
    • 2 Long stocking socks
    • Flavored Condoms

      • 4 Strawberry
      • 4 Banana

    • 0.60mm Guitar Picks (x4)

  • Plastic Bag containing my hair
  • Red Pants
  • Rag (for cleaning guitar
  • Cassette Tapes

    • "Oncoming Storms of Judgement"
    • Jenny Craig’s "Getting Started"
    • "How to Communicate Effectively"
    • "This is it! : Beach Bound"

  • Bag Dirty Laundry (smelly)

    • Plaid Green Shirt
    • Blue Linen Shirt
    • 5 Socks
    • Boxer Briefs

  • Green/Gray Corduroy Pants
  • Blue Button Down Shirt
  • Face Towel
  • Bunch of Socks
  • Bunch of Underwear
  • Jack Skellington T Shirt
  • Boxers

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