This entry is dedicated to Nan Turner, who is at work and needs things to read.

I have returned from tour with Cheese On Bread, which held in store anything and everything one could possibly imagine. There is a small store of pictures which show off mostly our days off, they were taken by Matt.

Once getting back to New York, I felt pretty good to be home. The next day, I got pretty depressed though. I’ve never spent so much time with one set of people, and I immediately began to miss them all. It was quite depressing. One day Dan and I ran into each other, and we pretended to run important errands (went to KMart and bought razor blades). Afterwards, we sat on a park bench and wondered how we would ever go back to our normal lives. We wrote a comic book about the first week of tour. I guess that was a good way to handle it.

Since then, I’ve recovered, but I still miss everyone terribly. I think I’ll be going to Philadelphia next week to visit the Philly Cheese On Bread crew, and Friday I’m going to stop by Emandee studios, where the Bloodsugars are recording.

In less than two weeks, I’m going to be back at work, being bored and looking for things to read onlin. Yikes!

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