I saw Phoebe perform tonight with the Phyllis Newman Health Initiative Dancers. It was inspiring. I have not performed solo this month: taking a break to work on my new record.

I try not to feel stressed out. Which seems stupid to say, but I know plenty of folks who stress themselves out. I have been feeling stressed this week. Friday I’m playing some songs for the Boog City tribute to Hair. I feel totally overwhelmed by the songs due to their length and content.

It’s been fun learning the songs though. The chords remind me of things that I used to try more with guitar. I used to try to use chords that I wouldn’t play normally – it helped teach me chords and get more interesting (or at least unusual) sounds. I feel like recently I haven’t been doing enough of that, so I feel inspired by the music for these songs. Changes happen that I don’t really expect, and it feels good.

Everything seems to be calming and changing. I suppose that’s always the case, isn’t it?

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