Thrills of Communication

Yesterday I rejoined the world of on the go communication. I didn’t mind being away: using payphones is satisfying, and it was more exciting to have some uncertainty with everything I did.

It was the wrong week for it though. I had guests staying with me all week. Cousin Sasha and her friend Annie were here with school to meet established photographers and shmooze with them to try and get employment in the near future. They are also graduating in the near future.

The thrills this week heightened for me with several clashes of poor service. I like to think I am normally very calm or understanding about such things, but I had two episodes where I became very frustrated.

I was having photocopies of my album cover made on cardstock, and the man who photocopied them did them all wrong. When I returned to get them replaced, he blamed me, saying I approved them. I showed him two correct test sheets that he gave me, and he still blamed me.

Then at a wireless store, I tried to get my phone numbers copied from my old to new phone. After agreeing to be overcharged for the service, they gave me the two phones, both containing three telephone numbers. They overwrote everything.

The loss to me was minimal (I lost the phone data and I agreed to pay for the new cardstock) but I felt wronged.

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