Get Along

I feel very scatter brained right now. I put on some music which is not helping because it was referenced in Questionable Content, which was just referred to me by Mr Keesan.

I enjoyed seeing the Fiery Furnaces live, but was not satisfied by the recording on first listen. I’m taking to it more this time.

I recorded myself for the first time in over a month today. It was fun. I have to get back into doing more things like that. I’ve been working on my new album with Dashan, and we’re nearly done. It will be called Slivers and Bits. Maybe I’ve said that here already. Recording should be done in less than a week.

I think nearing the completion of recording and finishing school (for real) has been too much closure for me too soon. There are more things to do, but I feel like I’m done with it all.

My colloquium went very very well, it was a real pleasure. Met up with Dan and Matt and had lunch, and then spent the rest of the day with Yoko. Recorded with Dashan today.

Recorded that tiny bit here (at home), and then I saw a little friend. Apparently, our mice have finally ventured to my room, after a year of hanging out in the kitchen. I don’t keep food in here, so I don’t know why it was here. Satisfying it’s wanderlust perhaps. I haven’t written a song about a mouse in a while, I think it’s a sign.

While I think it shouldn’t be here, I’d like to think we could get along.

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