Forgetting Frank

Performed last night at Sidewalk with Yoko and Jordan. I had a good time. I think this was the best performance I’ve seen Jordan give, and Yoko had a bunch of great songs that I hadn’t heard before. And she played "Five Days" from the Luv A Lot Compilation! I’ve been waiting to hear that for so long.

Dan asked me to play my song from the compilation, but I couldn’t follow through. I tried, but I hadn’t played it in so long. I always think I’m capable of remembering things for much longer than I actually can. Songs for example, but then at times I’ll want to keep something in a safe place. I’ll think "I know, I’ll put it on my (incredibly messy) desk inside this roll of duct tape" because it’s a weird place, how could I forget? It’s such a WEIRD PLACE: how could I forget?? Flawed thought processes.

This week at Sidewalk is the Winter Anti Folk festival. I have spent a lot of time at sidewalk this week, which I haven’t been doing recently, and it’s been fun. I’ll be round tonight and also Friday (Cheese on Bread is playing).

Sent a package to Canada yesterday: I sent my drawing of a mutated Frank FB_A to get the Frankster tape from Consumption Records. If you dig around Consumption, I recommend getting the Peter Harry Hill recording, Glove Is Not a Four Letter Word.


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