Whenever I see people do things in front of other people in any
performative capacity (radio, television, on stage, recordings, etc.) I
always get a little frustrated when people make excuses for things
going wrong. I think the only times people really notice something
going wrong is when it’s pointed out to them. Since they don’t need to
know (and it’s not harmful that they don’t since it’s only a one-way
interaction) telling them is only negative for the person doing the

I’ve never really thought about websites as performative, but I am
now. And I feel a bit silly for putting things up here that say “Hi,
ignore this, I’m just testing it out.”

If I was good, I never would have written things like that. But I’m
bad, so I broke my own rule above. However, right now I’m breaking it
twice over: once because I’m making excuses for things gone wrong, but
twice for making excuses for making excuses. So I kind of feel like
I’ve redeemed myself.

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