I’m testing out my web interface for updating my website.

While I could write something, I could just do nothing, which is what I’ve chosen to do at this point in time.

here is a less than <
and a greater than > a greater than!

Here’s some things I’ve read:
A study done on artists’ earnings and copyrights – copy rights. hoo ha
Computers are getting faster, why don’t they feel it? – computers run their clocks 1000 times faster than when i started using them a lot, but they don’t feel 1000 times faster. this says why. interesting.

I’m quite tired. I’ve got a big weekend ahead of me though. I’m excited about Saturday evening, a person by the name of Bob Wiseman is playing at the living room saturday night. I’ve been listening to his record a lot. My Canadian friend Chris gave it to me, and I like it a lot. This is going to be the first time (in a while) that I’m going to see someone perform who I haven’t met before, but have heard their music. Uhh… did that make sense?

A month ago today I took a train to Canada.

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