Cheese Work

After a month and a half hiatus, Cheese On Bread has been up to more work.

Two Saturdays ago, we performed at Galapagos, which went very well. We’ll probably be playing there more in the future, which is great since it was the best situation we’ve ever played in. The band seems to be more charged now – probably since we’re actually active now.

We had rehearsal this past weekend, which was intertwined with numerous other activities. Dan and I arrive in Philadelphia Friday evening, and met with Gregg to check out various First Friday galleries. The things I enjoyed the most were the expensive clocks made out of various tin cans and pieces of trash… er… "found objects". Afterwards, we stopped into Ortlieb’s Jazzhaus which was a lot of fun. Four years ago, one of the reasons I wanted to come to New York was to be near various jazz clubs. This is the first one I’ve been to. Funny how plans change.

Next day was filled with rehearsal, followed by a delicious vegetarian haggis, served up by Matt’s roommate, Tami.

The next day, more rehearsal, and preparations for the superbowl, featuring the Philadelphia Eagles. I prepared by escaping Philly. Good thing too – the Eagles lost. And even though I haven’t heard about any riots or anything, I haven’t heard from anyone in Philadelphia since then, so I’m not sure what’s really going on.

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