Human Design

This one time I was at school and I had a terrible stomachache.
Perhaps I had digested some bad food. So I did what any intelligent
student would do, and I stopped into the bathroom.

I had to search for a clean toilet. I don’t know why public toilets
in private buildings ever become gross, but it happens nonetheless. So
I found a satisfactory toilet, and relieved myself of the pressures of
my meal. When done, I’m about to flush the toilet, but there’s no
lever. Or button. Or any type of trigger for flushing. Just an infrared
light. Which would not be triggered.

I hate leaving things messy, especially when I had to seek out
cleanliness myself. But I didn’t have a choice in this situation.

That’s when I realized, that machines would be the end of us – not
because of artificial intelligence but because of unintelligent human

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