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“Oakland to Sebastopol”: New Cassette and Download

Hi all! Just announcing that my newest recording, Oakland to Sebastopol has been released on Full Spectrum Records! Buy a cassette or download it at the Full Spectrum Bandcamp. Oakland to Sebastopol by Dibson T. Hoffweiler

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Pre-order new CD, “When I Went West”

Hi all! I’m super proud to announce that my new record When I Went West will be out May 8, 2015 on Scissor Tail Editions. Please pre-order When I Went West from Scissor Tail! You can preview some tracks right … Continue reading

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News 2014 Nov – new mailing list, scissor tail editions

Thanks to everyone who came out to any of my performances on the October tour. I had a great time with Liv Carrow and Art Sorority for Girls, and I’m hoping to perform out east soon as I can make … Continue reading

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2014 East Coast Tour, New Record

News 2014 Oct I’m excited to be announcing the release of a new record and a tour coming up. New Record, When I Went West, on Scissortail Editions Over the past year I’ve been recordingĀ at Wally Sound in Oakland, CA. … Continue reading

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2013 European Summer Tour

Some announcements: Europe Tour in June/July New Release: Winter Demos 2012-2013 2013 European Summer Tour I’m excited to be on tour with Phoebe Kreuz this summer in Europe! All shows listed on my shows page, my Songkick page, and the … Continue reading

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I just finished up my newest record, 5 AM AWAKE IN BED. It’s my first record of solo guitar recordings. All pieces are performed on 6-string acoustic guitars. All pieces composed by myself, Dibson T Hoffweiler, except “Sunny Side of … Continue reading

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Botched Roll

I took a roll of film to Walgreens. It didn’t come out well. Only four images, and they cut one down the middle. Also, the film was expired – I don’t know if that caused the whole center of the … Continue reading

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Palo Alto

I’m into health and safety, but here’s evidence that I’ll play with a camera while driving. Unwise. I’ve worked in Palo Alto for two weeks. I’m familiarizing myself with one neighborhood. It oozes plainness and strangeness. My co-engineer at a … Continue reading

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Piedmont Cinema

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Trivia Night

Trivia night frustrates me because I don’t care to know the answers to most of the questions. But I love spending time with my roommates drinking and chatting. When tonight is trivia night at Cato’s Alehouse, the two come hand … Continue reading

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