Road Fooding

More photos from my cross country adventure with Erin.

4 quarts of food, cooked in the Badlands during a rainstorm. Uneaten.

4 quarts of uneaten Indian food

The badlands campsite.

A blue tent and covered table on the Badlands

Nighttime Cooking.

Erin stirring up an evening brew

Crabill’s Hamburgers

The tiny burger joint

Tiny burgers in a tiny diner

Tiny burgers in a tiny diner

Mug n’ Buns Drive-in

Paper menu and big metal box to summon the server

Paper menu and big metal block

Rainy day soda shop

The soda shop on a rainy day

Campsite Cooking

Sour cream raisin pie and a sticky roll

Pie and sticky roll on diner table


The large diner sign for Bob's

No Parking Except for BOB

The mega bob meal – burger, two sodas, fries

Mega Bob Meal - burger, two sodas, fries

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