I gave blood a little bit ago. I’ve been getting telephone calls for two years from the New York Blood Center asking me to donate. (My last donation was two years ago, when they set up shop in the building I lived in)

Giving blood is pretty interesting. The way you can feel your life being pulled out of you. I find some pains exhilirating. This feels more like dying though. Sinking.

It kind of puzzles me why one would want to give blood. Clearly to do something good. Or to stop getting phone calls.

Or some other stranger reason. Because before being stuck, you have to fill out a questionnaire, and once that’s done you are told to put a barcode on the form. There are two to chose from: one if you lied, labeled "DO NOT TRANSFUSE" and one for those who told the truth, or are lying even more labeled "TRANSFUSE MY BLOOD". The barcode prevents the people handling the form from knowing your choice (you put the barcode on, but not the text).

I find it funny that there is even an option, because if you choose "DO NOT TRANSFUSE" it means that you are telling them not to user your blood, but you are going to give it to them anyway.

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