It’s Not the Heat, It’s the…

So I performed on guitar last night to accompany Dan’s reading at
Superfine in dumbo. It was fun to do something slightly, remotely
jazz-like. I haven’t done anything like that in perhaps three years,
it’s funny that I miss it. I’ll have to look into doing more
jazz-oriented stuff, because I’m only now realizing how much I’ve lost.

Before we started playing, I noticed a line on the side of my
guitar. Then I felt it, it’s a crack. I don’t use a humidifier. There
you are. So today I had decided that I would take the instrument out to
get repaired, and I wanted to make sure that was the only crack. I was
satisfied, and then I noticed another, more significant, crack on the
front of the body.

After having dropped the guitar in the first month I owned it (which
resulted in splintering and all sorts of excitement), I am not all that
concerned about these cracks, but it’s a bit frustrating more than
anything else to not have it for who knows how long. And I also just
put new strings on it. And I hadn’t broken them yet.

It’s the little things.

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